Has the X20 met or failed your expectations?

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Re: People will make up their own minds

Nukunukoo wrote:

Great pictures!

I am also quite impressed with how the X20's JPEGs are well rendered, especially in contrasty shadows such as the leafy lettuce on the sandwich shot (yum).

It's the sharpness that really makes this camera distinct, even at the corners. Not perfect, mind you, but way above average for cameras of this class!

For such a small sensor, I am really impressed at the amount I can recover from shadows  even under harsh backlighting!

Difficult to say really. This image is ISO 100 and even scaled down to 2 MP the trunk looks quite grainy. But as you say, difficult lighting conditions and without a comparison image it's difficult to say whether other premium compacts would perform any better.

Please X20 owners - if you want to show of your camera's capabilities please let us see full resolution images.

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