Are Macs better than PCs for photography work? If so, why?

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Re: For power users, the Mac really does win. Here's why.

Fat Dragon wrote:

Apple makes great computers that work very well. They cost twice as much or more so that you can use their UNIX-derived OS in accordance with their Terms of Service.

They cost about the same for similar specs. In some cases, they cost less.

We Build a PC to Match a Baseline Mac Pro, and it was $5.67 cheaper.

Ultrabooks may end up more expensive than MacBook Air

Price and the proprietary nature of the OS are two things that bother me about Apple,

OS X is less proprietary than Windows. A substantial portion of it is open source, including the kernel.

but the cult of Apple would turn me away every time even if those others weren't in place. Your response demonstrates that many Apple users have legitimate reasons for using Apple over other brands - you don't seem to fit into the cult. But so many others do, and they are by far the most annoying brand-loyalists I've ever met.

Why is it when someone is happy with a Mac, they're deemed as part of a cult?

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