SLT-A99V Color Contamination

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Re: SLT-A99V Color Contamination

samael9 wrote:

Just an update... Sony did follow through this afternoon. They asked that I upload sample RAW files for their inspection. Clearly, ACR did way better then Aperture in converting the images, so thanks to Paul and everyone else who suggested it.
I've got three bad images heading up to my Dropbox this afternoon, so we will see what they have to say.

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I would also be interested to hear what Sony has to say on this issue. Recently, I took some very high ISO images with the Sony A99 in the nocturnal house at a popular New Zealand nature reserve, as described here:

Here is a scaled-down version of one of the images, a Brown Kiwi, which looks rather green!

The above image was captured by the Sony A99 at 1/15 second, F/2.8, ISO 16000, with a focal length of 45mm. The light was so low that I was pleased to get a hand-held image at all, so I’m not complaining because the green cast can be removed with post processing. I also took a photograph of an owl, the nocturnal morepork, and this also exhibited a green cast. Because of the glass enclosure, flash photography was not practical, and there wasn’t time to set up a tripod. Any suggestions as to what may have caused this green cast?



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