Who's going from m4/3 to dSLR or vice versa.

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Teru Kage
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If you owned a car, would you feel compelled to sell it if you bought a bike?

I think a more interesting question is why so many people insist the Either-Or mentality of owning only one type of camera. Why would you want to limit yourself that way?

I suppose that there are 2 types of users who would move permanently to/from D-SLR to M4/3:

1. D-SLR to M4/3. Photographers who never needed the full capabilities of the D-SLR system, but didn't have a middle option between D-SLR and prosumer DCs unti M4/3 appeared.

2. M4/3 to D-SLR. Photographers who have outgrown (or overestimated the capablities of) M4/3 .

Personally, I'm a happy user of both systems. Like so many other types of gear, camera equipment is a means to an end. I view them as tools, and I like to have the right tools for the job. My m4/3  is a supplement, not a substitute for my D-SLR. Each system has it's pros and cons, and I use them accordingly.

I've read that some people were forced to use only one system due to financial concerns, but from what I've observed a majority of people own 2 systems for quite some time before deciding to sell one of them. If cost really was a concern, they would have sold their old system first in order to pay for the new system.

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