The compact camera that makes you forget you DSLR

Started Mar 31, 2013 | User reviews thread
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Re: The compact camera that makes you forget you DSLR

KFZ wrote:

1) Nex6 is not a compact camera. Especially after you attach a lens on it.

It is still very compact with the 16-50mm pancake.

You can carry NEX-6 + 16-50mm in a small belt pouch; something you can never do with any DSLR.  So, for me, that's pretty compact.

2)every for mat has its advantage. Don't say "forget" format B because you are happy with your format A.

Why not?   My DSLR is gathering dust.   I only use their lenses with adapters.

3) if you are 100% happy with your size M , don't think your size M is as large as size L.

Again, why not?   OP is perfectly entitled to his/her opinion.

If a user finds NEX-6 capable of replacing his existing gears for his use, then for that user, he no longer need to care about his old gears.

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