DSLR Image Quality

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Christoph Stephan wrote:

cainn24 wrote:

Christoph Stephan wrote:

Image quality is not automatically better but SLRs give you more control to tweak exposure and the final picture. Control depth of field by choice of aperture is an additional creatrive tool, too. New possibilities are also openend up by the choice of interchangeable lenses.

Obviously you are correct about the benefits of interchangeable lenses, but cameras like the FZ35 (which is what the OP has now) aren't lacking in the manual control department at all. That's why they're called bridge cameras.

The Panasonic FZ35 has a motorised zoom, which does not really compare to a manual zoom. It is a thing to put up with only in compacts. If I were to choose a bridge camera, I would definitely go for one with a manual zoom ring.

Some apparently 'manual' zoom rings actually are 'fly by wire' style controls, not simple mechanical connections.  They can work OK, but aren't as good as the classic mechanical connection.

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