A result of negative user feedback for Windows 8?

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Re: Oh yes it is.

MikeFromMesa wrote:

  • MS Word was not better than Word Perfect.

I very strongly disagree.

I have no particular love for Windows 8 (which is installed on my laptop) but I have to disagree here. I have bought Word Perfect and it is nothing like the quality of Word. Word is much, much better.

I have been a long time user of Word Perfect back to the time when it was the big gorilla on the computer. It used to be very, very good but a series of bad business decisions years ago seemed to have changed it beyond recognition. To be brief, Word Perfect today is (IMO) little better than a software paperweight.

I bought Word Perfect to process Word documents. It did a terrible job. It is OK if all you are doing is creating a new WP document and you keep that document in its WP format, but if you try to actually use it to read Word documents you are going to have trouble. I certainly have. I have had enough trouble that I stopped using it about a year ago. Stopped using it completely. I did not even install it on my laptop when I upgraded from W7 to W8.

Word, on the other hand, is a pretty good word processor and I have had almost no trouble with it. It is not my first choice (that is Open Office) but to suggest that Word Perfect is anything like the quality of Word is just wrong.

Again, IMO.

Not sure if we are referring to the same time frame.  What I meant is that Word Perfect was the word processor of choice in most businesses when MS Word was not yet released.  But the overwhelming majority of businesses were using IBM compatible PCs running the MS OS.

Then when MS released Word, it was not better than Word Perfect to the extent to have the business users who already were familiar with Word Perfect make the switch.  But because they were using the MS OS and wanted compatibility to exchange documents with each other, they migrated to MS Word.  I know that's how it was in our office (a nationwide US company).

So my point of reference was when Word was first introduced.  Not later on or now.  If you still disagree, then I respect your opinion.


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