Future of Pentax?

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Re: Future of Pentax?

Barry Pearson wrote:

Suppose in 5 years time Pentax supplies some FF dSLRs. Will they also supply APS-C cameras? And will they be mirrorless rather than dSLRs? And if they are mirrorless, will they have built-in viewfinders? (Some of us don't get on well without a "proper" viewfinder!)

My observation is that electronic viewfinders have got significantly better over just a few years, and I doubt that they have stopped improving. I wonder what the market would be for a K-mount viewfinder APS-C camera? (Equivalent to a slightly bigger Panasonic Lumix G3 with SR built-in).

We don't know what Pentax, or Ricoh rather, has in store for the future. People over in Ricoh Talk forum are lamenting over GXR being discontinued. My read is Ricoh is up for some big change.

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