Door for abandoned babies

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Re: Door for abandoned babies

Docno wrote:

This is the door to an old convent in Singapore where people used to leave their babies to be raised by the nuns. Was surprised to see someone had left a bouquet of roses there. A former mother who had left her child there all those years ago? Or a former child remembering what the nuns had done for him or her? A small mystery...

Two different treatments of the same image taken in Raw.

Thanks for sharing. A photo evoking an emotional response has a deep impact on the viewer, and makes for powerful photography.

I find the color version stronger- the color of the roses, the blue bow, the warmth of the sunlight, the lit leaves, are all lost in the monochrome version, imho. I'd also try a tight vertical crop since the diagonals are strong, and it would take the circle away from being at the centre of the composition.

Life is so precious, yet so precarious. Beautiful and heart-breaking at the same time.

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