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Re: Demonstration of Differences in DxO Geometric Corrections

Anders W wrote:

Detail Man wrote:

Anders W wrote:

Detail Man wrote:

Something rather different in nature is going on when DxO performs barrel distortion corrections ???

Sure. DxO crops the image to a rectangular shape. If you ask kindly, I think LR will do the same. If additionally, you make sure that the amount of correction applied by the two is exactly the same, it might be an interesting comparison.

Well, the pixel-size is essentially the same (DxO has one more measly horizontal pixel). Are you suggesting that DxO Optics Pro up-samples their images by (heaven forbid) arbitrary amounts ?

Yes, there's simply no end to it.

Panini this, magister. Here in all it's glory is DxO's magical and mystically aligned Fisheye distortion correction at maximum setting. View the original at 20%, and you will see what William Blake saw.

DxO Optics Pro 7.23 - Manual Fisheye Distortion Correction - View Original at 20%

So you are seeing the light at long last?

Adobe's highly non-linear Exposure control and infamous hue-twisting is just so downright ... lame.

Still waiting for your unified theory of DxO Optics Pro up-sampling their images by arbitrary amounts.

I am afraid that's just a brute fact. No theory required.

I am so disappointed in you. Whatever happened to the principles of "intellectual honesty" ?

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