Are Macs better than PCs for photography work? If so, why?

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Stay away from Macs!

Majikthize wrote:

Every company makes some lemons, including Apple. Even so, it easily leads the pack in surveys on reliability and customer satisfaction.

Well I have had two successive MacBook pro's with major problems.  At least three motherboard replacements on the first, plus a bad battery and a failed HD, then DVD drive...and I have forgotten how many other problems.  It must have spent something like two months of the two years that I had it in the U's repair dept.

The MBP that I am typing this on has only been in twice so far, for about three and a half weeks, over...about 18 months of ownership.

The support can't be beat, either, especially if you live near an Apple Store.

In most of these cases, iQuest, the local mac store, would have taken longer and/or did not feel able to deal with the problem.  In one, I was actually charged an additional $115 or so, despite having already paid the considerable cost of Applecare, because the U's senior tech (the most qualified Mac tech in this city of 250,000) had had to spend over twice the time and materials Apple would reimburse them for.

Apple's answer was that I should have sent the MBP to them in the USA.

Actually, the same local big U's very busy computer store discretely recommends Lenovo as the make that has proven most reliable.

I have used computers since the 70's and personal computers for three decades, and have never loved "PC's", much preferring Amigas during their decade of existence, and using mainly mac's since 1994.  However, I have also watched as Macs have become an ever flashier, ever less servicable and upgradable prestige consumer commodity.

I always had to use PC's at work, and actually inherited (bought!), a PC from our daughter, who became something of a geek through her work at a computer store during her late teenage years, and upgraded to a powerful game machine.  Then I inherited (bought!) that as she married and she and her husband moved to Vancouver to start law school.

For a year+ I mainly used the PC as a parallel/backup system for the RAW 's of all my images, which I also processed into DNG's. I soon noticed that it was much faster, less slick, but also often simpler.  After I made the mistake of "upgrading" the MBP to OS 10.7, serious, syill unresolved colour management problems with my Spectravision NEC 2690wUXI and Epson 3880 printer - despite repeated calibration attempts with both the puck and ColorMunki and endless wasted hours with Mac's greatly overrated support services.

Having to get prints ready for several shows, and reprint some for sales, I turned to the PC.  After further experiences trying to recover my Mac files form its DROBO photo archives

I am quite sure that this will be my last Mac!  PC's may not be as sleek and sexy, or even pleasant to use.  They are, however, repairable and upgradable and, at this point, more flexible, more clunky but also more reliable tool.

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