Rumor: Possible Canon EOS 7D Mark II Specs

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Re: It behooves canon not to recycle

howardroark wrote:

kevindar wrote:

Hopefuly, the delay is that canon does not want to recycle the same  5 year old sensor technology.  it currently stands at the bottom and alone compared to sony, fuji, pentax, nikon, etc.  I think 7DII will have dual card slots.  also if the asking price is truly 2100, it will carry the autofocus of 5d3.  it does have to compete with the 1300 dollar nikon 7100

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I'm sorry, how old is this sensor technology?  5?  Are you talking about something besides their curent 18MP sensor that came out with the 7D 3.5 years ago?  Why not call the CMOS sensor 12 years old and go back to the D30?

Yes, their 5 year old sensors are below what Sony, Fuji, Pentax, and Nikon have right now.  Fortunately they haven't used the sensor they released 5 years ago for over three years now, so it's not surprising the technology in out of production cameras is being beaten by cameras currently in production.

There's no reason for the 7DII to have dual card slots, but if they put an SD slot next to the CF slot that would be great.

canon has not made much progress in signal to noise efficiency (in fairness about the same as their competitors) and essentially no progress in dynamic range (very different from their competitors) since 5d mark II which was released in September of 2008. thats nearly 5 years.

they have made just about no improvements in the 18 mp sensor they are using for their crop cameras since 7D 3.5 years ago.  Indeed, their T4i has slightly worse low light performance than t3i, maybe due to realstate lost on the chip to implement the "on chip phase detect" or electronics associated with it.

there is a reason I have remained with canon.  I am too invested in them, I like their lenses better, they have better qc, better customer service, etc.  Nikon has had its share of debacles with the d800 autofocus, the d600 oil spots, etc, but to deny that canon has made very little to no progress in sensor technology, over a period of time than its competitors have, and there by have exceeded canon, is just silly.

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