Is Full frame still the most versatile?

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Re: mFT has eveything FF has except .... Re: Is Full frame still the most versatile?

coudet wrote:

plevyadophy wrote:

and it will get you into places that ff won't ("sorry sir no professional cameras allowed"), and it can often seem less intimidating to subjects because of it's small size

With FF mirrorless now appearing, for those wanting smaller cameras (I don't), there really isn't much difference. Take a look here.

Ah, but that "mere" 35mm on the Sony is rather large compared to what a mFT version would be.

But I am just being a smart @rse

Because in truth I think, when or if we get a EVF mirrorless interchangeable lens 35mm on a wide spread basis, it will be 35mm that will be the one most serious photographers will opt for. Yeah, it will still be bigger than mFT but it's size will be small enough that it won't really matter and in fact we can look at a camera system that's on sale right now to give us an idea of the size reduction we can hope to acheive and that system is the (mirrorless) Leica M 240 system.

But for now, I think mFT is popular because it is significantly smaller than ff and unlike any other system it has the benefit of being truly open in the sense that you have more than one camera body maker. It would be so cool if ff wasn't just a sensor size but an actual system as well, like mFT, so that you could swap between lens and body manufacturers at will. In my case, I am over the moon that, since mFT started I have been a Panny user, simply hating the Oly cams, and now I am considering buying the Oly OM-D rather than the Panny GH3 and I can do this without pain because lenses, flashes, memory cards, and bodies all work together (with some minor niggles in some cases). Now compare that with my DSLR experience!!! I hate Nikon bodies but love their flash system, and I hate Canon flash system and prefer their bodies but there is no way I can mix-and-match.

but as a package of compromises, and after all that's what any system is, it seems to me that mFT offers the best package.

Ah, that's up to the individual user to decide..

Indeed, but if we don't get a mirroless 35mm system I think a great many folks will flock to mFT in the same way folks flocked to 35mm leaving medium format behind.

The interesitng thing will be to see what happens when everything, including medium format, is mirrorless and live view. Will the market still remain pretty much the same will the size reduction in medium format mean a lot of photographers will leave 35mm and go to medium format, or will the size and cost of medium format still be too great?

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