X100s OVF frame lines accuracy

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Re: X100s OVF frame lines accuracy

N_Architect wrote:

Reading this thread, brings up a question in mind: I have the X-Pro1 and the X100S, used them little so far.

When I work with the OVF on, I notice (in both cameras) that pressing the shutter button half-way through, in order to focus and then recompose, the frame lines (the whole frame 'box' inside the OVF) moves right and down (i.e. south, south-east).

This makes framing so difficult. Is it normal, or is there something I can do to change it?

This has to be, to correct the parallax error between the OVF and the lens. The moved framelines are about to show you the final frame, that will be captured based on the distance between camera and subject. You can still compose right by using the additional centered focus point... Its a feature, not a bug.

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