Canon 6D mirror getting stuck after taking picture?

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Re: Canon 6D mirror getting stuck after taking picture?

I know this thread is 2 months old, but I'm having the same problem.  In the store, when I was trying the display 6D, you could not see through the viewfinder - well, you could, but it was a very small circle like looking through a blurry telescope.  I'm assuming it was the aperture blades.

I bought one - sealed in the box.  This was 2-3 days ago.  I've taken many shots over the weekend.  Today, I took a few of a bird just outside our door as I was leaving home.  As soon as I got to the end of the block, there was a bald eagle doing a very low flyover, approaching my vehicle.  I grabbed the 6d -- and saw nothing but black through the viewfinder.  Checked for lens cap (even though I had just used it and didn't put one on).  Checked to make sure it was turned on.  I didn't think it was any of those, but I was at a loss.  The tried pushing the shutter release button.  No response.  It was frozen.  As the eagle flew away, I finally heard the mirror unlock.

It worked all day just fine after that.  But for a brand new camera?  I was using my 100-400, which I've had for years and have never had that problem on my 30D at all, and haven't had a problem on the 6D all weekend, until today.

Anyone else experiencing this or have any ideas?  Thanks.  I'm tempted to return it/exchange it.

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