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Re: About best LED Monitor for Photography and anything else

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It is a hard time for most of us photography to search for the best LED/LCD monitor that can be offered to us that requires excellent result of as in list: High contrast ratio (deeper black), good saturation of sRGB usually at 100% (care factor zero on Adobe RGB sorry guys), no banding at all required, light uniform doesn't worry me cos if you want great light uniform you require a more expensive one like Eizo (stuff that who want to pay over $1k for), low lag in millisecond required, smooth colour graduation, colour should be near as accurate as calibrated one to minimise the heavy task of calibration with Spyder4Elite in particular, brightness should be not too bright at default setting. But harsh brightness would be caused by too high contrast, got nothing to do with brightness setting though.

So in question:

Does anyone have the best monitor ever for photography work?

I have been having hard time looking for right one but I am from Australia. Best monitor is very limit resource in Australia unfortunately and is hard to find. Most are cheap one you see in most store. Most photography store will not sell LCD cos no body is buying it they only buy cameras most of time unfortunately. TFT Central is good place to start with review but Im unsure which one. I had a look at BenQ but I avoid cos I saw lots of google result of complaint about horrendous colour banding but BenQ has more accurate colours than LG which is weird though and BenQ has less contrast than LG. Perhap might be due to flaw in design BenQ makes. Dell is very good but again I avoid Dell due to lack of warranty support here in Australia, it is very frustrating for it. I am pretty fussy and nit picking.

Okay I have done lots of different ways to try get rid of banding. It still there, very frustrating. I am giving up and return that to shop where I bought and never will again buy monitor that is capable of producing horrible halo effect and banding, thats a big no no. Banding or halo effect is always classed as defective as review would say so too. Banding in review will score very low even if they have good colours, good contrast they will still get very low score. If you have problem with purchase after turn on first time you must send back straight away don't waste your time and don't delay it. Forget ask for help forget email, forget any forum. If you have anything that is defective just send back straight away and refund without any arguement. That make your life a lot easier than that. Thats my piece of advice. Probably it is a technology failure for the VA/PLS panel unfortunately. I am not being harsh I am being straightforward and tell the truth as it said so. IPS is another failure also cos of lack of contrast which puts me off as well but IPS still win for colour and banding free otherwise though but not enough contrast is not good call to me. I am sick of it to death. lol!

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