Moab & Monument Valley Trip Advice- Never Been There

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Re: Moab & Monument Valley Trip Advice- Never Been There

Just got back from my first trip to this beautiful area, spent a week.My husband and I are 60++ and found lots to see without long hikes. At Monument Valley, a high clearance vehicle is  helpful but we saw people in cars bumping along, and there are many pulloffs everywhere you might want to shoot. You can probably do all you want in Monument Valley in a day. There's a lot to see along or just off the highways, too, if you study up or just pay attention to signs with interesting names. If you like Native American ruins, there's a lot of those (we included Hovenweep in our trip and were glad we did).

No cell phone service for us in Monument Valley but had service in Moab and sometimes areas of Arches. Moab is a busy and well equipped little city, though the younger extreme adventure crowd was a little daunting for us. No special vehicle requirements in Arches unless you want to join the extreme bunch, we didn't do that. Windows is a good, easy area with good sunrise/sunset. Met a guy who did some great star trails inside Double Arch there (he lit the arch a bit on the inside with a flashlight).   The drive out Potash Road along the river is nice near sunset, and saw only a couple of other vehicles. There are LOTS of places to stay and I saw plenty of dogs around Moab so they must stay somewhere.

Long hikes aren't necessary to have a lot of fun, but don't shy away from the short ones all around Windows area, Sandstone Arch, and others.

No cell service (and no town) in Canyonlands, which adjoins Arches and is worth a day or two, especially if you're willing to do the short hike to Mesa Arch in the north unit for sunrise, it is spectacular and fun to shoot.

We kept ice chest with plenty of liquids, snacks and a sandwich from a deli (or gas station, there were plenty), and went for real food after dark. I would recommend a backup camera simply because the dust was tough and even though I had no problems, it wouldn't have surprised me (i once had a camera lock up from dust in Death Valley). A walking stick (or pair) is a good idea too, I use one with a monopod built in.

You and the dog will have a fine time. Two weeks ago, there weren't any crowds, the weather was cool enough for gloves, jackets and caps at night and short-sleeve warm during the day. It feels hotter in the day than the temperature suggests so it works best to dress in layers that can come and go as needed.

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