Cost of repair E-500 sensor

Started Apr 1, 2013 | Discussions thread
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No, don't repair the camera.

When I took pictures with the Olympus E-500, generally I kept it at ISO500 and below.  With the Olympus E-510 it's ISO800 and below (for the most part).  I bought additional E-500 and E-510 cameras thinking that when they break, I'd just use one of the additional ones.  One was only $130 (USD) and the other was $195 that I purchased used on Ebay.  The problem is that none of them have broken and I still have four Olympus DSLR cameras.   But they are being used, but not as much since I got my two Canon DSLR cameras and lenses.

For you, don't do anything.  Get another one, (if you would like) as a spare with low shutter clicks if you can find one.  They should last long enough, until you decide to get another upgrade (with future technological advances).  Anyway, that's my view on it.

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