Are Macs better than PCs for photography work? If so, why?

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Re: Are Macs better than PCs for photography work? If so, why?

No, not anything even slightly possible with a PC.  The present Mac OS is basically Linux.  So is almost everything but Windows X.

And the ability to create a script without knowing how is a great tool for newbies.  I like the bourne shell, and I knew it before Jason.  And I can write elegant solutions in it, often 1 line is similar to thousands of lines of crazy Windows logic.

Not an accident either.  I predicted this in 1977.  Windows will yet become Unix.  Just watch and wait.

I have an HP media edition with 2TB's downstairs running music software and lighting.  I can get neither program in a Mac or Linux version.

I have a Sony laptop running linux which I used to travel with, a LOT.  Scripting to take care of card and photo management stuff I wrote.  Austria, Switzerland, France, Holland, the UK including all of Scotland, 500 pictures or more per day for a month last time.  Going again in a few weeks.

I have a Toshiba laptop running Windows 7.

I have a Linux homebuilt computer running 6TB of hard drives, and my home network.

When I thought about the Mac I was conflicted.  But it has been one of the better investments.

I can use any of the other machines, but his is the only one I really want to use now.

I would NEVER have thought that would happen, EVER EVER EVER.  I was a snob, a Unix snob.  Licence plates said UNIX Vx.  I could drop in a 20 user Unix solution from NCR and make the office fly.  Then the other office would invest in Novell and some PC's and I'd get the call to rescue them from hell.  The printer didn't work, they had mismatched machines, a mess for word processing, no backups that made sense and no sharing of resources.  Help us.  And I made 50% on hardware when the Pc guys were trying to make 7%.  Except for Novell, which they didn't understand.

NO, I had my share of that thanks.  And at the end of the day, I love the iMac.  Why?  Easy to use for the most part.  Easy to network.  Easy to share.  And it never goes down.  (unlike my..never mind)

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