Best desktop computer for photography work.

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Sonyshine wrote:

You need to get out and try some Mac's and PC's. Make your own mind up. Both are good [snip]

that's good advice.

Apple make everything, hardware and software. It all works brilliantly. And carries on working brilliantly.

So do most all Windows workstations. Most computer breakdowns are caused by operator error by neophytes or nincompoops.

They regularly issue software updates too.

Windows updates are probably more frequent than Mac. As are drivers for Windows devices.

Once you have become a MAC user you will be unlikely ever to go back to Windows.

I have been working in digital content creation for 25 years. I have always switched back & forth with little concern over platform. Same with most of my coworkers. There are a few that are Mac only types, but these folks usually are not very technical and seem to consider the computer to be some kind of big mystery. OTH, we all have a preference. I like the windows interface, our lead web designer prefers Mac, our lead animator prefers windows. That said, none of us have much time for worrying about  OS nuances, we work on whatever is available with little complaint. We are probably the most technical in our group.

I run a Windows desktop at home because it's cheaper ($1400) and will blow the doors off a $3000 Mac Pro. I run a Mac book pro for my work laptop because I like the way they are designed. My work desktop is Windows because when it comes to 3d rendering or HD video encoding, I need the horsepower of a good Windows machine.

PC's have hardware made by one factory and then they run someone else's software - therein lies their weakness - or strength depending on your point of view.

The hardware for both platforms comes from a multitude of vendors. The Mac OSX supports a limited amount of hardware that is vended by Apple, thus they maintain stricter control over driver development. This makes a big difference.

Furthermore, Apple does not base a great deal of their market share upon the need to maintain backwards comparability. This need to maintain backwards compatibility hurts windows.
OSX does not depend  on dll's and the registry, this is perhaps its greatest advantage.

These are all my opinions, others see things differently. I am trying not to be biased.

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