Are Macs better than PCs for photography work? If so, why?

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Re: Windows machines cheaper than Mac

steven168z wrote:

Mac only have one maker.

Windows have many OEM maker coy which lower down the Cost of Ownership.

A better way to put it, I think (speaking only of laptops and desktops, which is the topic here) would be that Apple creates and administers the OS for their computers.  They also market much software for it.  It's an Apple product

PC makers only have to make sure the parts work, don't have anything to do with the OS, can only hope the folks in Redmond will not screw up.  And Microsoft only makes the OS that they license to them, doesn't make the hardware, can only hope that the hardware makers don't screw up.  And they market software.

Anyone can slap together a box of parts, get a license to sell it with Windows installed and send the buyer off to Microsoft for OS support.   That's lower cost of ownership and that's why an HP laptop's price drops precipitously as soon as it is purchased while a Mac doesn't.

I'm also always amused when people tout the advantage of building a PC from parts, as if it's simple enough for Joe Computer Needer to make in happen in a day.   You spend days researching and deciding on compatible parts and then getting them?  That's time.   And it ain't a lunch break thing to assemble, and install the OS (which you'll need to purchase separately).  And the whole notion about having the local computer whiz do it for you means you're not actually getting it as cheap as it spec'd out by adding the parts.

And of course, the big dealkiller, as gaussian blur pointed out, is that if you're talking about a laptop, like 80% of us are on, the whole notion of build-it-yourself from scratch is toast.   I know plenty of PC builders and they don't go there because it will cost MORE to build a high quality laptop than to purchase one.  It's a fun exercise for a devoted do-it-yourselfer who enjoys doing it, but the entire cost efficiency model is out the window once we're talking about laptops for photo work.

And what's this thing about buying a Mac and having issues getting it serviced if you don't live near an Apple Store?   When My wife's ASUS went belly up twice, bought in NYC at an ASUS dealer we STILL had to ship it to ASUS to get it fixed under warranty.  The second time the store could actually do authorized ASUS repairs yet they STILL had to wait a month for a part from ASUS!   No advantage at all there.

And please, please everyone stop with the "Apple rips you off with their overpriced hardware upgrading" craziness.   I've never, ever even MET a Mac user who bought more RAM or a hard drive or a screw from Apple!  NO ONE BUYS 3rd PARTY UPGRADES from APPLE!!!  We buy RAM and drives and fans and etc at the same NewEgg/OWC/Microcenter sales as everyone else!!!

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