Are Macs better than PCs for photography work? If so, why?

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Re: For power users, the Mac really does win. Here's why.

Fat Dragon wrote:

You can't do this legitimately on a PC. But you can on a Mac.

The italicized section above is true only because Apple's terms of service for OSX state that it may only be used on their computers.

Nonetheless, it is true. And the implications aren't minor, either: It affects what support you can get ("great" as opposed to "none"); it affects liability ("none" as opposed to "what do you mean I have to go to court?"); it affects upgrades and updates ("regular and authorized" as opposed to "none or irregular and probably illegal").

there's no technical specification preventing you from doing the same thing on a PC.

Yes, but as we know, technical specifications really aren't the definitive issue here. Licensing is a big deal, it controls the vast majority of how software use is handled these days, and it legitimately affects the work environment and the work product.

With regards to that system [clippage] it's a several thousand dollar investment and could be outdone by a PC builder with a $2000 budget.

No. Now you're just talking about hardware. You can buy a Cray supercomputer and you still can't run a legit copy of OSX. You're not comparing Apples to Apples. You're comparing Apples to pumpkins. Computers are systems whose actual value is based irrevocably on a very specific synergy: hardware and software. The system I described can run the way I described with no problems. The system you described becomes an instant legal liability and support nightmare the second you try such a thing. So no, your PC builder can't match it, not unless he starts with a Mac in the first place.

Either one is probably out of your budget for an editing machine.

I really can't speak for other people's budgets. What I can say, however, is that I am very content with my system's capabilities and not displeased with the cost. The power in my hands has paid me back many times over -- and that's still true even if I only count earnings from my photography. Yet I live on an otherwise fixed income these days, and I do watch what I spend.

The important thing, I find, is that old saw about being penny wise and pound foolish. If saving $1000 today cripples my ability to earn money at what I want to do tomorrow, perhaps it's not really a savings. If my Mac died today, I'd have another one on its way to me tomorrow (no Mac stores here, sadly.) It's been just that good.

The same thing goes for a decent monitor, a good office chair, and -- seems like a non sequitur, but isn't -- a good mattress and pillows. Because if you don't sleep well, everything eventually goes to heck in a hand basket. The person who cheaps out on the sleeping environment has well and truly shot themselves in the foot.

Computers aren't so cut and dry, because if you can't take advantage of a big system, then it's kind of pointless to go after one. But that still doesn't change what is capable of providing the most bang in the long run for those of us who push at the edges -- and that's a Mac.

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