Is Full frame still the most versatile?

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Re: Pretentious Latin twaddle and lens distortion Re: Is Full frame still the most versatile?

plevyadophy wrote:

Dear oh dear, what's with all that pretentious Latin nonsense?

You at least got one correct: it is Latin, but it's neither pretentious nor nonsense. It's a term, common in the study of Logic and derived fields such as Mathematics, which means "reduction towards an absurd" and it's a common and useful way to prove a statement: you assume it's wrong, you derive (ie, 'reduce'; yes, also a technical term) a self-contradicting statement from it (ie, the absurd), thus you conclude your original statement must have been true. Simplified and qualified a bit then, his argument was:

1. Let's assume a 12mm lens inherently shows barrel distortion regardless of format.

2. If 1, then a 12mm lens in particular must show barrel distortion on a 1/1.7" sensor, where it's equivalent to a ~56mm lens.

3. A Samsung EX1 can be empirically shown not to exhibit barrel distortion at ~56mm equivalent.

4. 2 and 3 contradict themselves, therefore 1 must be false and we can safely conclude barrel distortion cannot depend purely on focal length.

I suggest you go take a look at review sites like this one, SLR Gear, Lenstip, Photozone, Diglloyd and others. I think you will find that it is the wider angle lenses that have the most barrel distortion and the wider the lens the more distortion. And the manufacturer has three choices: leave the distortion uncorrected, attempt to correct it optically, or attempt to correct it by software; in fact one could add a fourth option which is to correct it as best as one can optically, allowing for things such as cost and then to attempt to complete the correction by way of software correction.

Wide-angle. The sort of lens a 12mm isn't on a 1/1.7" format.

The microFT system does the bulk of it's lens correction in software for most of the lenses in the system. Get yourself a raw file from any microFT camera and have a look at it in a software package that doesn't auto-correct distortion. Or if you are lazy, or haven't got the time because you are studying Latin, go over to the Photozone site because the reviewer there often shows the difference between the corrected and non-corrected raw files.

And the same goes for... pretty much every other wide angle in existence?

When you have perused all the evidence, please do enlighten me as to what it all means in Latin.

It means you need to go back to college.

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