Is Full frame still the most versatile?

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Re: mFT has eveything FF has except .... Re: Is Full frame still the most versatile?

69chevy wrote:

Mjankor wrote:

69chevy wrote:

microFT has pretty much everything Nikon and Canon have except the ability to do focus tracking across the frame effectively.

Don't forget the ability to accurately focus instantly, shoot in incredibly low light with less noise, produce stunning enlargements at 20"x30", achieve much shallower DOF for the same FOV, and shoot wider angles.

Arguing over DOF advantage is expected, but don't forget sports shooters who rely on it. Not for artsy fartsy creativity, but for isolation.

Add this to the better IQ (some may argue) of a FF DSLR, and it becomes clear which camera can do more (versatility).

I'll give you the two benefits gained from a larger sensor - low light with less noise and shallower DoF, but the rest of your post is bollocks.

Really? So you think a sensor needing a 17x enlargement of it's pixels to produce a 20"x 30" print will be on par with pixels needing a 4.5x enlargement? Did you forget the sensor is nearly 4x smaller?

Do you really think a M 4/3 camera can out focus a 5d3 with an f2.8 lens on it?

These are the only two points you "didn't give me".

I would love to see a 20" x 30" print from a M 4/3 of any moving object shot at 300mm. I am sure it would be lovely.

I think you are living in a time warp.

mFT with the coming to market of the OM-D and GH3 is on par with the likes of the 5D Mark III, what ever difference there is exists only on paper as far as I am concerned. In practical use, you cannot tell the difference except, as I said earlier, for one difference and that is tracking focus across the frame where a ff DSLR will win hands down.

Pixel peeping a print will always show the ff sensor print to be better but you have to ask yourself  "at point is a print good enough" and I would argue that whilst a ff sensor print on close, and I stress close, scrutiny will show as being better in noise and detail characteristics, if standing at a reasonable distance from a 20 x 30 print you would be hard pressed to see the difference. You talk of enlargement, well here something for you to ponder (from a very serious writer, photographer, and medium format enthusiast): Prints: Canon G10 -v- medium format

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