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Re: Um, no. Why exaggerate?

MiraShootsNikon wrote:

Assuming the same level of professional attention, you'd need to send your digital frames out to a pro lab.

RPL would do it for $0.50 a frame, 100 frame minimum.  So, for 36,000 exposures, that's $18,000!

  • Color Correct (also assuming RPL): $20,900.


Clearly you are someone who doesn't understand digital.  Anyone worth their salt, in digital doesn't pay someone else .50 cents a frame to color correct.  For one thing, all you need to do is a Macbeth chart pic and you can automatically color correct...if you were trying to get things perfect.  Secondly, once you have the correction you can apply it to a batch of frames taken under the same lighting condition...assuming you didn't already use a custom white balance to begin with.

But more importantly, most people don't even want perfect.  They want what looks good.  Skin tones can easily be tweaked to pleasing levels by looking at the color channel levels.  After that, one can batch process.  But pro's don't even need to do that.  They learn a feel for what channel needs to be lowered just by looking at a pic.

Bottom line is you have to throw away the $20,000 number.

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