Best desktop computer for photography work.

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Re: It's pretty easy to sort the wheat from the chaff. . .

Glen Barrington wrote:

theJuke2 wrote:

tom graham wrote:

.... monitor will work.  Seems, no one has mentioned monitor.   So just get the cheapest TN type monitor you can find.

Monitors are only important if you want to work with photos.  Then they become THE most important part.  More important than CPU, RAM, HDD, OS, all hardware stuff put together.


If you read my initial question, you will see that I am a photographer. The monitor and color calibration is a serious concern I have. If people can convince me that the Mac monitors with the retina display are the best, then that would make sense. However, if I can calibrate my PC monitor equally well with a Spyder (and it would cost less) then that would make sense to me, since I currently already use PC.

This explains why you feel frustrated with these responses.  What you are getting are people's beliefs and prejudices.  What you are not getting is why they hold those beliefs and prejudices.  Which is why I say it doesn't matter all that much.  You aren't going to get any sort of cost or benefit analysis here.

Your safest bet is to do a little basic research, apply some personal analysis, and come up with conclusions of your own.  You may find yourself surprised at your conclusions!

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You'll get biased information anywhere you ask this question. That said, It's pretty easy to sort the wheat from the chaff around here. Give more weight to the responses that mention strengths or weaknesses of both platforms.

The zealots usually tip their hand and if pressured end up not being able to conceed a sdingle point about why the other platform may have some benefits.

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