New Epson 3540_AUTO firmware update & blocking non OEM carts?

Started Mar 31, 2013 | Questions thread
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Paranoid is actually a nice term....

printwoeman wrote:

Hey, I just noticed Petrova called me paranoid!  Why, I oughta...

"If someone's really trying to get you, it's not paranoia."

Seriously, shouldn't change post subjects to something derogatory, just because they ask a question.

You mentioned refillables but I also asked about compatibles.  Either way, web & numerous ink supply sites have warnings - so it's worth asking.

Also spoke w/ company I've bought ink from for HPs (& did well).  They admitted a lot of Epsons have trouble recognizing compatible chips.  For anyone interested, they say they reman OEM Epson T127 carts (assume others) & reset original chips, then test.

Yah, that "Petrova" guy, whoever he is!


"exhibiting undue suspicion".

There may be some truth to firmware upgrades affecting 3rd party cartridges, but I have yet to see any with the 6-8 Epson I have owned over time.  Jtoolman here currently owns and operates 15 printers and most of them are Epsons and I don't think he ever had a problem with a firmware upgrade knocking out his 3rd party cartridges.

I do notice that where it seems to happen is a non-USA version of the printers.  Maybe us US owners are just more lucky with China chips!

All I can tell you is that you just need to buy some carts and see what happens.  That's the way we do it around here.

Bob P.

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