Lens dust and legal threat.

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Re: Just Spoke to the Canon Service Centre

ScottD1964 wrote:

miked58 wrote:

Adrian Van wrote:

Thanks for posting the photo. Image looks clean and sharp. Your photo posted of lens itself earlier also looked clean.

Do not let this guy bother you too much. You have sufficient documented (photo) proof of the quality of your lens it would seem. He has not sent you any pictures he has taken to backup his claims of dust.

Have a great day!

Hi Adrian

I just called the only Canon service centre in New zealand and spoke to a technican regarding dust.

They said there was absolutely no way anyone can tell when dust got in. Certainly the claim that it has been in there for at least  two years is rubbish. They said the environment in which it is used is the main issue and they have lenses that are a week old returned for dust cleaning.

This makes me feel a lot more confident that the issue is something related to the purchaser.

Canon provided me with a reference number for the conversation so I can use this in court if it gets to that.

When re-reading the correspondence they state that I am to refund the money then they will send the lens. They are not prepared to give any photo evidence. So I guess that I need to be firm on this and not let it get to me.

Wait, no one caught that last line.  You are to refund the money, then they will send the lens?  Really? And do we really believe this?  What I believe is you would refund the money, they would keep the lens and claim it must have been lost in return shipping or some other lame excuse to get both the money and the lens.  Or they ship back a damaged lens and you have no leg to stand on.

Do not budge.  You don't owe this idiot anything.  He bought it.  If he doesn't want the lens (for whatever reason) he can resell it and probably for more than he paid for it if he got that good a deal.  If he trashed it in the few weeks he had it then he's S.O.L.

Good luck,


I agree 100%

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