d7000 - d7100 viewfinder VS 6d - 5dm3

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DX viewfinders are brighter Mako, as measured by Marianne.

Who's Marianne? Regardless, maybe I didn't know about her 2 months ago. : )

Marianne Oelund, aka Moon Maid, aka Ms. Nikon, was responsible for the research that identified Nikon's Hot-Pixel Suppression routine that had the unfortunate side effect of eradicating faint stars from images. Thom Hogan took this information to Japan and it was instrumental in Nikon improving the algorithm (although not entirely eliminating the effect, IIRC), making Nikon's DSLRs more respectable for astrophotography.


Discovering a problem

A brief history of Nikon hot-pixel suppression

Cool. and thanks for providing the info. Good reads...What does that have to do with comparing viewfinders though?  That would be the link I'm looking for as The D4 seems a bit brighter a viewfinder than my old d70. As she points out..many other things come into play. Perhaps brightness is not the right word. Perhaps DXO needs a M-PIX type measurement for perceived viewfinder clarity and comfort I should have not hinted at absolutes as other design features come into play. Bigger does not always mean brighter when spot measured certainly

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