First Time NEX Camera Question

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Re: First Time NEX Camera Question

There's always something new on the horizon, and there's always chances to take pictures flying by you right now. Sony *might* release an updated 6 at the end of the summer, with the new 20mp sensor of the A58. Or they might let it rest and hold on to it until next year. The 16mp sensor is a classic that takes awesome pictures today, and I suspect you'll wait anywhere from 5-8 months for an update.

The 6 is probably your best bet if you want pop-up flash and a viewfinder, as neither of the other two can offer that. If you were trying to pick up the best deal I might say get the 5R or even the three, but if you want to invest in something and keep it for several years, get the 6.

People will always be talking about how this or that sensor or other technology is aging or behind or whatever, but most sensors these days are pretty great. A great lens will do more for your photography and one or even two generations of sensor development will. Buy the 6, start learning, and save your money for when you're ready to branch in to new lenses.

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