You heard it here first....;-)

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Re: You heard it here first....;-)

teseg wrote:

zgeist wrote:

I don't know how much weight you should put on an anonymous e-mail.  It doesn't make much sense.  Making the next version of the RX-1 with interchangeable lens would make it MUCH more bulky and heavy.  Thus, defeating the whole raison d'etre of the RX-1.

The lens on the RX-1 is partially sunk into the body.  Having an interchangeable lens and using the alpha system would put the rear lens MUCH further out from the sensor.  This claim sounds much more like someone's wishful thinking.

To build on zgeist's comments, a FF Sony mirrorless ILC system would be detrimental to there

ever being an RX2... A FF fixed lens camera with high end lens mated to sensor.

I, for one, would not be in line for such an ILC camera:

  • Price would be more representative of Leica than NEX
  • Size would be more representative of DSLR than compact/mirrorless
  • Size will be even more compromised if a series of lens adaptors are introduced
  • IQ would be more representative of last generation FF than the RX1... that is, if you buy $1k+ per lens quality... even worse IQ if you skimp on lens investment
  • Now one would have to make lens decisions... Carry around bags of lenses, etc...  all the things I now hate and do not miss with my RX1
  • Sensor dust?  ... Not that ILCs ever have that problem
  • And let's not even discuss AF challenges vs. what really would be DSLR-like performance expectations
  • So much for "liberating" fixed lens experience

The RX1 still has the possibility to be a one of a kind classic if rumors come true.  Glad I have one.

Everything that you mention may have merit, but I think it is inevitable that someone, besides Leica, will soon attempt to bring a FF MILC to market at prices considerably below Leica's.  Sony would seem to be the logical party, as they already have a head start in the field, but it would not completely surprise me if Pentax-Ricoh does it in an attempt to enter the FF market, while differentiating themselves from the competition.  None of us ever thought that a FF camera as small as the RX1 was possible.  Well, the same may be true of a FF version with interchangeable lenses.  It will undoubtedly be larger than the RX1, but compared to a FF DSLR, it will seem tiny.  I also expect that it will have a limited range of lenses.  No 600mm telephotos.  We shall see.  As the saying goes:  It's hard to make predictions, especially about the future.


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