6D write speed and buffer size (test)

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Re: 6D write speed and buffer size (test)

Y Hafting wrote:


These results suggests that i could have the same performance with a UHS-I card rated with only 45MB/s write speed, such as the Sandisk Extreme (not Pro).

What i would like to know is if this result is because my card & camera is not performing optimal, or if the result are typical. Thus it would be interesting to know what others experience with both cards having 40MB/s write speed or above. Also feel free to comment if you feel the method is flawed.

Do any of you have other experience (Faster/slower writing speed)?

Personally i hoped the camera would be able to utilize the UHS I standard a bit more (theoretical max above 100MB/s), but it is not a big issue to me per today.


Now, I've been holding off buying the Sandisk Extreme non-pro version because I can't decide if it really makes a difference between the pro and non-pro. I don't believe the non-pro is 45 mb/sec in real life, I like to see someone perform this test.

The speed is limited by I/O AND the processing speed of the camera.


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