Bird in flight with D90

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Re: Bird in flight with D90

Huyen Olson wrote:

No, I was trying to explain how I set my camera to catch these birds that day.  I am not confused with AF-C etc... as you had stated.  I had never tried to shoot birds in flight before in my 35 years in photography,  only landscapes, people, and water.  I have a question and would like someone's advice on the following:  When do we use the Fine tune optimal exposure setting and what exposure would be best for something like my bird here.  I had mine set at +3/6.

I suggested you were confused about terminology because when I recommended using your camera's spot meter, you said that it would result in out of focus pictures when the fact is metering his zip to do with focusing.  They're completely different sensors in the camera.  And when you say +3/6, are you referring to exposure compensation?  It sounds like you might have been several stops overexposed from where you thought you were.

I would also be surprised if anybody could tell you what exposure setting would be "best" without putting their eyeball to a viewfinder and metering the scene themselves.  You seem happy with your sky being nothing but clipped white and have vigorously defended this artistic choice, so I'm not sure what advice you're looking for since you seem to have gotten exactly the results you want.

Anyway, my recommendation, again, would be to spot meter the bird and either set your exposure meter at zero (if he looks to be a mid-tone; it's a little difficult to tell from your pictures), and if he's a lighter tone then open it up a stop or two.

I suggest this article information about exposure and metering using the Zone System developed by Ansel Adams:

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