Favourite lens for Nex?

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Re: Favourite lens for Nex?






FD50 1.4

FD24 2.8


Sigma 30


FD50 1.4

Once I sold my first FD 50 1.4 I missed it so much I bought another. I enjoyed the SEL50 but realized that the 35 was more versatile for my usage and more compact. I sold the Sigma 30 and SEL50 to fund the SEL35 and feel I made the right choice. Also the FD 50 can replace that FL and is a stop faster.

The 18200 is an excellent travel lens. If I am going to a park, or whale watching or anything where I am not sure what might pop up its a great lens. Need to shoot a city scene or a building? Need to zoom in on a bird? Its the original version and is a bit big but is incredibly versatile but unfortunately a bit slow.

I have found myself actually using the 1650 quite a bit. The IQ is most acceptable. I shoot raw and apply the correction profile in LR. No issues what so ever. Its a good little lens.

If I am going anywhere indoors or where I want to be shooting people/babies/pets or what not Ill put the 35 on. Its a great lens that has an excellent feel. If I could only keep one lens it would be it.

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