Has the X20 met or failed your expectations?

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Re: People will make up their own minds

Hi Absolutic, Those are very nice photos and what a cute baby!

You know, it makes me wonder how many people have/going to return their X20s not knowing that there are better settings than the default ones. I guess they think that they better hurry up and return the camera while they can and get their money back.

My house cleaning is going slow but I will post some photos soon. BTW, your food photos are getting me hungry! I also have some food ideas to explore when I get the chance.

Questions: How come you're not putting these and your most recent photos in your gallery? I'd like to see the exif data. Also, do you ever use average metering on your photos? And, if the scene is not contrasty, do you normally leave the EC dial at 0?

Thanks Absolutic for sharing and cheers!

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