Wierd BIOS Problem with Lenovo Y480

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Re: Wierd BIOS Problem with Lenovo Y480

Jim Cockfield wrote:

You can buy a tiny 4GB or 8GB USB Flash drive for something like $10 or less now.  So, you don't need to lug CDs around.

Well that makes sense especially since I picked up a couple more 8GB flash drives just last week. Under $10 each for decent Patriot USB3 devices. And I'm very familiar with YUMI.

But, if the solution is using GParted, it's already included in many Linux distros.

I'm not sure it needed GParted specifically. I suspect any bootable CD would have fixed it. Maybe any formatted CD, such that the system starts to read it. Maybe a commercial movie DVD would have done the trick. Much less sure about a blank disc!

I'm guessing that something in the optical drive and/or controller and/or BIOS was left in an improper state. Of course, a bootable USB stick might not fix that. But it would enable me to get some work done and even access the data on the HDD. So, yours is still a good suggestion and I thank you!

I'll put some tools on one of those new USB's and stick it in my laptop bag

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