Maybe it' my aging eyes, but.......

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Re: Maybe it' my aging eyes, but.......

dowop wrote:

I took my D90 to a camera shop & compared it to the D7100. I really could not see a difference in the photos. I am 67 & have not used the newly legalized drug since the 60`s. Maybe thats my problem.

Just goes to show what a good camera the D90 is, or how much we overestimate the affect of increased megapixels. What has the D7100 got, like double the megapixel count of the D90? That isn't going to make a night and day difference.

Assuming the OP's eyesight is fine, and that he was testing the cameras with the same lenses, is it possible the D7100 needed some fine autofocus adjustment, and that was what was accounting for the apparent lack of sharpness?

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