Please help, Jpegs are 180 dpi vs Raws converted are 360 dpi, but all are 4000X3000 Pixels?

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Carey Brown
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DPI means *almost* nothing

For *almost* all devices (printers included) the device does the math (ignoring dpi) and what's important is giving the device the most information possible.

The exception is the case when a printer service asks for a specific dpi, in which case you'd be the one to do the math to come up with a resampled pixel dimention and then set the dpi accordingly.

When a printer asks for a minimum dpi (typically 300dpi) then the math tells you AT LEAST how many pixels you need for a specific print size, however, it should be able to take a much larger pixel dimension with no problem.

You want JPG because devices don't understand RAW.

You want the highest quality (ie least compression) JPGs for obvious reasons.

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