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schmegg wrote:

Des Smock wrote:

Your review lost all credit when you called the makers of Canon products 'japs'. How unprofessional is that? Not to mention unkind. Really, was that necessary? I haven't come to DP Review for a while, but was disappointed to read this in my first search for reviews of the Canon 5D Mk III. Why can't people just stick to talking about photography without interjecting derogatory snipes?

Yes - racist comments are also not allowed.

In this case though, I don't think there's really much wrong. Perhaps the use of that word was a little ill-conceived, but there doesn't seem to be any underlying denigration in the comment and it seems to be meant simply be an abbreviation of the full word to me - much like Aussies for Australians or Yanks for North Americans or Poms for the good people of England.

I have noticed thought that the use of these words seems to vary in acceptability from place to place around the world - and here in Australia we a pretty 'easy going' with nicknames like those. We use them as much as a term of endearment as anything else TBH. Not meant to be derogatory in any way. So, that's how I'm approaching it.

If my fellow moderator, who is from a different country, disagrees then he is welcome to act differently!

Where I live it is indeed considered derogatory. My Japanese relatives and friends all consider it's use in this case as derogatory or a slur... but that does not necessarily match the OP's intent. With that it mind. I'll edit it and he should feel that is OK. He, after all, said he never meant it as it's being seen.

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