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Re: What other lenses?

Mark, thank you for your detailed response.  I was ready to buy the K5-IIs for the sole reason of autofocus improvements.  Then I read few test results, I think in the other forum, and the conclusion was that K5-II autofocus was better over K-5 but only marginally in terms of tracking and speed and therefore I am still sticking with the K-5.

With your comments I will take another look into this.  I am sure Pentax will further improve the autofocus system in their new models now that they have figured it out.

About SDM failure, my first DA*50-135 died immediately right out of the box in its first assignment in the middle of a show.  I returned it and bought a second one and, knock on wood, so far has performed flawlessly.  I am very pleased with the lens and I almost use it wide open at f2.8 all the time.

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