Are Macs better than PCs for photography work? If so, why?

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Re: Are Macs better than PCs for photography work? If so, why?

fyngyrz wrote:

I got 'cha by a little bit. Started in 1970 on "big iron" and built my first microprocessor based machine (a 4004 and a lot of TTL) in 1973. 42 years so far and still coding.

Well, if we are really comparing by dates you would have to add the 9 years I taught math and computer science at various colleges and Universities around the US, ran a computer center and wrote the software that one of the colleges (and students) used. And the 4 years since I retired, during which I have kept writing software. The 25 years was only the number of years that software development was my primary job for a company that was (supposed to be) a profitable company.

You still have me, but not by quite as much.

That's not a religious point. It's a fact. You can run all three OS's on a Mac. Legally and efficiently and concurrently and in a well-supported manner. You can't do that under Windows. Or linux.

The "religious argument" is which OS or which machine is "better", whatever that term is supposed to mean. It is akin to which language is "better" and the answer largely depends upon what you are trying to do with the tools.

What language is best? Well, it depends. If you are writing architecture based communications software, probably the assembler for that hardware. If you are writing in a high level language but wish to be close to the hardware, perhaps c. If you are writing in a high level language and wish to remain as separate from the hardware as possible you have your choice of quite a few.

The Mac can run 3 OS's concurrently. OK. I will give you that. But, in fact, I have no need to do that and can do what I need on a single machine. Mostly that is Windows but it has also been the Mac and Linux, depending on what I need to do and when I need to do it. I can, of course, run Linux dual-boot on a Windows machine and, quite honestly, I have no desire to run Mac software. I used a Mac, and wrote software for it, for a number of years. After all of that time I was left with the feeling that I was glad to be done with it.

Different people, different opinions.

Again, ignoring hardware costs for the moment. It's definitely a power user's environment, but when you climb the ladder, this is, in fact, what you find at the top.

If I had to pick a power user's environment it would be Unix. And c. Love that language.

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