Aperature or Lightroom?

Started Mar 22, 2013 | Questions thread
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Re: Aperature or Lightroom?

Rick Pringle another Canuk wrote:

Just bought a 17" MBP with anti glare and plan to use it with mongst other things photography but alas I am just you average guy who drives up in The Yukon for a living. Question which is best Aperatue or Lightroom


First, nice selection on your MBP as that is exactly what I choose. I started with LR after Photoshop when it first came out, loved it.  After I got the MBP, I tried Aperature and loved it as well.  I think it is a bit easier for someone just starting only because of LRs catalog which is not exactly intuitive.   I have gone back to LR due to some of the editing features.  When Aperature comes out with an upgrade, I am sure I will try it.   We are lucky to have such nice chooses.

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