Bird in flight with D90

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Re: Bird in flight with D90

Huyen Olson wrote:

Thanks, but in the past when I tried to use the spot metering, my bird came out quite blurry, so we were told to set on dynamic wide for the large wings span.  As you can see from my second image, this bird is a harris hawk, and it wasn't a large bird, small with very large wingspan.

Spot metering has nothing to do with autofocus.  You seem very confused about terminology.  The meter, basically, tells you how much light will hit the imaging surface when you take the picture.  You'll see it in the viewfinder as a little scale that looks something like


Nikon cameras have three metering systems: matrix, center-weighted, and spot.  Refer to your manual if you want an explanation of the differences.  Spot metering is recommended for zeroing in on a very small area of the scene to get an accurate reading.

It also strikes me as odd that someone would tell you how to set your camera since exposure settings can vary significantly depending on lens, focal length, ISO, etc.  I find it hard to believe that anybody could have given a "one size fits all" exposure setting that would work equally well for everyone in the group (unless you all happened to have identical equipment).

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