Is Full frame still the most versatile?

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Re: Is Full frame still the most versatile?

jonrobertp wrote:

Like having a 1970 Buick and taking that everywhere...

As oppose to a 1970 Datsun, right?

to a party,

They work great dont they? great colour and DR at iso 6400. They are quite the chick magnet too if you know how.

to a performance,

Even better arent they? fast low light AF tracking and good high iso IQ are pretty essential for these shots.

on a hiking trip,

Oh yeah, especially when it is a once a life time sunset shot that you hope to print 30x20.

on  a jet,

Isnt it great that you get 7 kg of carry on luggage that is store away for the entire flight?

to a ball game,

Exactly, for the subject isolation, and the AF tracking ability, and the high iso motion freeze, what else would anyone bring?

etc etc.

I hear you, pretty much everywhere. Unless you are 100 and cannot carry anything more than 3 pounds.

They have their use.  But it's quite limiting.

I saw you trying to open a bottle with one the other day, I was quite shocked too it didn't work.

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