Are Macs better than PCs for photography work? If so, why?

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Re: Well, maybe. But ...

If you thought the post was about total users world wide, then I'm afraid you missed the point of the post.

It's about comparative user experience. Of those who have used both PCs and Macs, do the majority prefer Macs or PCs.

PC users who haven't used both PCs and Macs earnestly are not ideally placed to comment about the comparative experience. This of course will not stop them trying, but all they do is demonstrate they don't really appreciate the real world differences between a feature list and an actual experience.

Let's use a very common example that everyone can relate to. Two people buy superficially similar holidays (vacation packages); same town, same class air travel, same star rating hotel offering the same facilities (pool, bar, restaurant, library, games, distant to airport, local amenities, etc), and the same kind of 'added value inclusions', like airport transfers and so on.

While the packages may appear the same in a feature comparison, the two people may end up having very different holiday experiences.

One pool may be small and not well appointed or a bit grungy. One hotel may have a more convenient location for sight-seeing and nightlife. The staff at one hotel may be courteous and helpful, likewise for the airline staff. One airline may have more legroom and have a better tolerance on luggage allowance. One hotel may have nicer rooms with a better shower and nicer views. The food in one hotels restaurant might be mediocre and the staff inflexible about menu variations. One bar might be lively and a great place to meet new people. And it goes on and on into every kind of small detail that ultimately builds into the whole experience.

The features of these two packages were 'the same', but the experiences very different, because what it really comes down to is how well the features and services are delivered.

And after you've travelled a lot, you become aware of how all these small details combine to create very different travel experiences.

I have no problem with PC users who just use the tools to get on with what they want to get on with and are happy with their lot. Good, we're all happy.

It's the ones that can't reciprocate the above I have a problem with. The PC's users who want to blindly criticise Macs despite having no earnest user experience, in the vain hope it will help validate their choice of PC.

They insist on having all the features quoted so they can respond, 'A PC can do that'. And they don't listen even if we take time to try to explain our position in whichever context is flavour of the day.

This is why many of the forum regulars names are thus far missing from this thread. Very few can be bothered to try to help anymore. You get no thanks, only abuse, and the requested opinions ignored.

Out of around 70 million Mac Users, there's probably between 20-40 million with earnest PC user experience. They've vacationed in PC Land and vacationed in Mac Land, and when their next vacation comes around, you can bet a high percentage will be going back to Mac Land because they've become discerning. The package works for them because meticulous attention has been paid to even the smallest details.

And yes, unfortunately that may make them sound a bit arrogant or aloof, especially if that's what opponents want to read into it, but in all fairness, if experience doesn't make you discerning, you aren't doing it right.

I guess given they number of PCs in the world, 70 million can fairly be described as Niche. But it's a large enough and lucrative enough market to keep us going for a few years to come.


MikeFromMesa wrote:

Najinsky wrote:

Basically, millions of people have switched to Mac, and while for some it wasn't the right move, the overwhelming majority have stuck with it and prefer Mac.

While this is probably true in terms of numbers the Windows is still the overwhelmingly predominant operating system and the PC is still the overwhelmingly predominant OS and both those facts are likely to remain that way for many years to come. I did some googling on Mac vs Windows sales and found that the Mac had climbed from 5th most commonly purchased OS to 3rd but is still behind Linux. That is not saying all that much.

Yes, there are some died-in-the-wool Mac users as there are some died-in-the-wool Windows users but the Mac is still pretty much a niche computer. If you go into an Apple store where I live you will find it very busy, but most people are buying iPods, iPhone and iPads. Not too many Macs.

You can argue that the Mac is a "better" machine (and I would not argue with that) but I well remember the same argument about Beta vs VHS when tape recorders were selling and we all know how that turned out. And, when I spoke with a Mac sales person about buying an AirBook for my wife he immediately told me how easy it was to put Windows on a Mac. That is not exactly the best endorsement for Mac computers running any Mac OS.

If you believe this to be true, it seemingly gives some big advantage to the Mac.

It will seem like a bigger deal if the Mac actually begins to challenge Windows with big numbers. There may be millions of people turning to Macs, but there are still tens of millions of people buying PCs and all of the people I know who are buying computers are doing so with PCs, not Macs. What makes this even more remarkable is that fact that the Apple machines pre-date the sale of Windows machines.

I am not one of those Mac haters. I have used Macs in the past as well as written software for use on a Mac. I am just not blinded by the clever use of statistics. Windows machines account for more than 90% of computer sales in the US and Macs and Linux vie for the rest with Macs behind Linux. As of this point in time sales seems like destiny. You can argue that college students who buy Macs will continue to use them when they become self-supporting adults, but I have been listening to that argument for the past 20-30 years and it still is a Windows dominated market. Mac usage seems to be strictly a nice kind of thing.

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