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Update Everything (BIOS Firmware, chipset drivers, etc.)....

Plug in your Service Tag number here:

By plugging in your specific machine's service tag number, you can see the updates that are specific to your machine (not just that particular model, as there are some differences in how Dell equips the 15R, like the video chipset used, etc.).

Then, install all updates Dell has available for it (expand *every* category), so that you get not only the drivers, but firmware updates (BIOS, etc.).

After everything is updated, check Microsoft updates for it (as they may have some newer drivers available).  Just click on your start menu and type in Windows Update and click on the result that comes up.  Then, on the next screen, you'll see a choice on the left side to Check for Updates.  Click on it and it will find available updates and let you install them.

Then, go to this URL (after you make sure you've installed all updates from Dell and Microsoft, and update anything Intel related.  It can scan your system and provide available updates.

For example, I see newer Intel Storage System updates are available for your chipset than Dell has on their download site for your model.  But, I'd make sure to apply the Dell updates first (for example, the latest BIOS Firmware update from Dell), to increase compatibility with the latest Intel updates.

Then, make sure your BIOS is setup for fast boot.  If you go into your BIOS setup (F2 during bootup with Dell models), it's probably the very first setting you'll see in the Advanced Menu (it is on multiple Dell machines I have, including the newest Dell Netbook I have with an Intel Chipset in it).  That way (Fast Boot Enabled), it skips some of the steps it performs like memory tests, looking for new drives, etc.), and speeds up bootup time.

Then, see what you get for startup time.

If you don't see a significant improvement after making sure everything is updated (and I suspect you will), then we can try manually changing the SATA drivers from Microsoft to Intel (as the latest Intel drivers support AHCI OK, and they may allow faster bootup compared to the MS drivers).

But, I'd do that much first and see what you get.

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