Wierd BIOS Problem with Lenovo Y480

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Wierd BIOS Problem with Lenovo Y480

My Lenovo Y480 laptop has a 256GB mSATA SSD, and a 1TB HDD in the main bay.

Today I was making a number of updated recovery disks, Live CD's etc, and testing them on my laptop.

At the end of all that, the laptop failed to boot from the SSD. The Lenovo BIOS just couldn't see the SSD at all. I tried:

* Rebooting (many times)
* Turning UEFI on and off
* Disconnecting power
* Removing the battery for 30 mins
* Reseating the SSD

At the end of all that, the BIOS still didn't see the SSD. Not on the F2 BIOS settings menu and not on the F12 boot menu either.

In desperation I decided to boot a Gparted CD to see if that could somehow find the SSD (but without much hope given the BIOS wasn't seeing it).

Hey presto! The SSD immediately reappeared in the BIOS and it has remained that way.

So... I suspect an unclean removal of one of my Live CD's left the optical drive (or some BIOS thingy related to the optical drive) in an unclean state. Rebooting from the CD reset whatever was causing the problem.

Questions: Anyone seen anything like that before and/or have any clues what caused the problem? More importantly, if the BIOS ever gets stuck in this funky state in the future (e.g. when "on the road") how can I force a "reset" if I don't happen to have a live CD with me?

I'm guessing that complete removal of the optical drive might fix it but would appreciate any other suggestions.

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