Are Macs better than PCs for photography work? If so, why?

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photo32 wrote:

And if you don't happen to live down the street from an Apple store then you're out of luck. Try buying a replacement part in a hurry that will actually fit a Mac anywhere but Apple.

This is only an advantage when the photographer is also technically minded. For photographers who are not also computer-savvy, AppleCare can be a better solution. If the failure is in a disk or RAM, those are in fact generic and can be replaced easily for many models.

If the component is not user-serviceable and there is no Apple Store, you're not out of luck. I have had problems with Apple laptops but under AppleCare, they ship me an express box, I put it in, wait for overnight out/one-day repair/overnight back, so within a couple of days it's back in business with no Apple Store in sight. This may seem slow to a techie, but to a non-techie this is more time-efficient than flailing around inside the case and wandering through Fry's and hoping you bought the right part. By sending it away, those hours can instead be spent on more productive business-related tasks.

I can't speak to this for a desktop though, because in over half a decade no part in my Mac Pro has been able to fail. This is where the consumer reports do make a difference: If your model is rated as more reliable, the question of repair convenience is less likely to even come up.

photo32 wrote:

The Mac really only has the ready-to-go high-res display in the 27" model to separate it from the pack - you just have to look a little harder to find an equivalent display for the PC but they are out there.

I don't get the reasoning here...there is nothing about any Apple 27" monitor to set it apart from the pack. Apple makes no Retina-class desktop monitors; the 2560x1440 resolution of the Apple 27" is the same as others and is actually lower than the 2560x1600 resolution of monitors that are not limited to being 16:9. It is easy to find equivalent generic desktop displays that are equal to or better than any Apple desktop display.

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