Calling All Collars: 70-200 f/4 VR

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Re: Calling All Collars: 70-200 f/4 VR

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hikerdoc wrote:

From what I have read, Wimberley and RRS plates have same tolerances and will work in lever release clamps from each other. I believe RRS lever clamps will not tightly hold plates from Kirk or Markins. Kirk, Markins, and RRS screw clamps will hold any of them. Markins lever release QR clamps can be adjusted to fit any of the plates but generally are adjusted to fit a specific brand plate, not a routinely recommended field adjustment. I do not know specifically if acratech and Kirk use the same dimensional tolerances (I use Kirk, RRS, Wimberley, and Markins stuff). Kirk and RRS are very friendly and very helpful if you give them a call. I have a RRS replacement foot for the Nikon 70-200 f/2.8 which attaches the same as original and is compatible with the clamp on ballhead. I think the kirk collar for the f/4 does not need an additional plate as the foot is the plate and should be Arca-Swiss compatible.


FWIW, my RRS BH-40 worked just fine with my Kirk L-bracket.   I get the feeling that those issues are in the past, among the major players anyway...

No, unfortunately the tolerances are not what they should be and "A-S" isn't really a precise standard.  The lever clamps just can't be adjusted to work well with all plates.  I work around it by placing some gaffer tape on the edges of the thinner plates to allow my plates to attach to a friend's lever-clamp (yes, the difference between "A-S" plates is that much!).  I have a screw clamp, but only out of laziness (it came with my Markins ballhead, which I hate, but am totally stuck with).

Lemme see if I can parse that sentence:

  1. You are stuck with the Markins head
  2. You hate the Markins head
  3. Were you less lazy, you'd change to a lever clamp on the Markins

Is that an accurate decryption?


Hehe...  I wouldn't invest any money in the Markins head.  I would get a ballhead that I liked, but I suspect I might stick with the less convenience screw clamp because of my experiences with lever-style clamps not being adjustable for all uses without fiddling.

My gripe with the Markins (M10) is that I've never been able to adjust it so that it would hold a position but also allow motion the way a proper ballhead is supposed to work (with any lens).  It also always droops slightly after any adjustment (immediately, then it is stable).  It is solid and stable, however.  It is just hard to adjust.

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