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Re: Dropoff seems like a greater problem to me...

Dr_Jon wrote:

I think the 12-35 vignetting is a little high, especially as the DR of the m43 sensors does disappear pretty quickly as ISO rises, but I wouldn't rate it as a design flaw, I think it's within acceptable limits even for a lens of that price.

Post-shot vignetting correction is much worse on my 5D2 where any "DR" is crippled by pattern banding in the shadows.  The main issue I have with vignetting on m43 is that auto-correction is not built into ACR, and trying to work out the right inputs for radius and degree (stitched panoramas mostly) is somewhat trial and error. That, and residual barrel distortion.

As to distortion correction in lens vs in software, I find the 7-14 has about the same degree of sharpness in the corners as my "optically corrected" Sigma 12-24 for FF.  My 14-45 is as good as any 28-80ish I have ever seen (it looks like the new Canon 18-55 STM might be on this level at last) with much better corner resolution than my Canon gear in the past (17-40L, various 18-55 iterations).  So it seems in the case of a sharp distorted lens vs a soft rectilinear lens that results can favor the former over the later, with the added benefit of a reduction in size.

Taking some "moral offense" that $$$$ lenses use one form of correction over another when the image is all that matters (unless one is a Leica collector / optics aestheticist / mental masturbator) is, well.... about par for a gear forum I suppose.

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